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Velux & Skylight Blinds

We supply and fit blinds for all brands of Skylight windows including Velux, Fakro, Rooflite, Roto, Dakstra, Dakea, Okpol and Luctis. However if your window is not in this list we can still make a bespoke blind for your window. Skylight blinds are available in a range of fabrics from opaque to blackout.

All Skylight blinds are fitted into the glass recess of the window and operate top down. This means that when the window is opened the blind goes with it. If the blind can be reached from the standing position you simply move the bottom bar of the blind up or down to the required level. When windows are out of reach for normal manual control we offer a solar powered system via remote control. The blind itself is made up of an Aluminium cassette available in white, cream or silver. This unobtrusive cassette holds the fabric of your choice and is fitted to the top of the skylight. There are then two aluminium channels which the fabric runs into, these are located down the sides of the window. If we use our Bloc Lite system there are no working cords at all. See our video for more information on all these options.

Solar Powered option

Windows high up are very awkward to control with a wand and so we generally use our solar powered motor system which can be retro fitted without the need of wiring. It comes with a remote control which can if needed control several blinds individually or grouped together. The solar panel is at the top of the blind and faces out towards the sky continuing to charge during the day.