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Twist Blind

The Twist blind is one of a family of three specialist voile blinds we produce that manage using a mixture of transparencies and opaque fabrics to do the unusual. Silhouette and Facette are the other two. The best way to describe the Twist blind is it has 2 layers, each of the layers being transparent and opaque stripes. One layer sits to the back of the blind the other to the front. When the control chain is operated the front fabric moves up and down giving the effect of 2 zebra crossings going in different directions. This movement allows you to see through the blind and then not see through the blind as you raise or lower the blind. This sequence continues all the way up and all the way down the window.

The blind comes with metal chain and child safety devices there is also an option for white ball chain. Full motorisation is also available. This blind in certain fabric ranges can achieve widths of 2750mm x drops of 2600mm. When more than one blind is required and they are next to each other, we line up the stripes so when they are lowered they will match. The fabric collection is made up of contemporary colours, patterns and degrees of transparency. The stripe widths come in medium and large. To sum up, the blind rolls up like a roller blind so there is very little stack at the top of the window when raised. The transparent and opaque mixture allow for total control of privacy or viewing through the blind.

twist blind 1
twist blind 2
twist blind 4
twist blind 5
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