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Silhouette blind

The Silhouette blind is one of a family of two specialist voile blinds we produce that use a mixture of transparencies and opaque fabrics to manage light and privacy control.

The Silhouette blind has soft rotating fabric vanes which tilt open and closed, this is suspended between two sheer fabric layers which allow you to see through when the blind is tilted open, but at the same time restrict people seeing from outside. It allows the precise amount of filtered light you require. The blind retracts back when raised into its own decorative cassette box. When the blind is lowered it will not operate the tilt function until it is fully down, once the blind is in this position you can tilt open and close the vanes.

The blind is available in 50mm vane widths (front of the fabric to the back). The control options are chain with child safe devices included, battery powered or fully motorised via remote control or switch.