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Bespoke Shutters supplied and fitted

The name S:CRAFT has become synonymous with the highest quality made to measure plantation shutters. The brand supplies to quality high street stores and is renowned across the UK for its bespoke products. We are trading partners of the S:CRAFT brand and offer a full consultation, measure and fit service on all their products. All of our installations are made to measure and crafted from carefully sourced materials. Our window shutters are selected not just for their strength and grain but also their sustainability. Plantation Shutters are a considered purchase but try and see them as a new piece of quality furniture that you are going to purchase to transform your room.

  • Watch our unique detailed video on this product just click play
  • Shutters can totally transform any room and maximise light
  • Total light and privacy control at low and high levels
  • Panels configured to follow your window or door design
  • Will help with insulation in winter and summer
  • 15 years experience of personally advising, fitting and aftercare


89mm shutters

Each door panel has horizontal Louvers or slats which when tilted give the control of light and privacy. These slats are available in different widths 47mm / 63mm / 76mm / 89mm

Most clients opt for the 63mm but there is no difference in cost between them. We are often asked the bigger the slat the more the light into the room, the answer is if you use white on any width of slat then it will reflect accordingly if you use a darker colour it will not reflect much at all.

The standard control for Shutters is the tilt rod system by moving the central rod up or down the slats will open and close. If there is a split between top and bottom section a mid rail will need to be inserted using this system. See mid rail image below.

shutters with multiple tilt angles

The Hidden or silent tilt control is by far the most popular as it gives a more modern and contemporary and cleaner look and is controlled by moving the slats by hand. This system has a 10% surcharge. Below is a sequence example of how this works and no mid rail is required.

shutters in kitchen waterproof

Shutters are perfect for controlling degrees of light and privacy and if you select the Silent tilt control as mentioned above we can position a breakpoint without the need of a mid rail. This means you can select a position on the window which will be the zonal break point in other words the ability to shut of a lower part of the window for privacy but still able to see and let light in in the top section as seen below.

Mid rails can also be used to separate top and bottom sections and on doors over 1800mm will be automatically included for strength purposes. Even though its called a mid rail it does not have to fit in the midde it can be placed to your requirements although often if there is a horizontal bar running across the window we will follow that to disguise it somewhat. Its rare to use a mid rail on a window as the zonal break looks so much better without the rail.

full height shutters with mid rail

Most of the time we fit shutters into the reveal of the window or door using one of our many frame systems, this means when the shutters are opened they will protrude into the room. This protrusion will be controlled by how wide the finished door width is. In most cases shutters are not moved back of the window on a regular basis so the issue of it stacking into the room when opened is probably not an issue at all. If however you would prefer to move the doors back on to a side wall so the window is left totally clear, this is possible using a Z frame. The shutters still fit within the recess, but are installed to the front of the recess this allows the doors to concertina back on each other and fold back on to any available wall space.

shutters fold back onto side wall

T Posts allow us to achieve larger sizes and more important to line up with your window frames. Shaped similar to the letter T, this wood profile frame is inserted at different points along the mainframe. The insertion points of this T-Post frame which will run vertically, would generally line up with a vertical part of the window frame mullion. Once fitted, doors can be hinged to this post thus allowing us to create runs of 5 metres plus. The T-Post system is best used on long window openings and our product video goes through this in detail.

shutter hinge

If you feel that installing Plantation Shutter doors within an existing door area will be to overpowering you can consider fitting the shutters onto the door itself so when the main door is opened the shutter goes with it. The area around the handle is called a French cut out and this allows the door to be opened and closed without any restriction from the handle. Take a look at our product video which shows this working.

shutter handle cut out

The Shaker panel is a solid panel with no slats rarely used but can benefit certain situations where privacy is always required. The doors have a handle to open and close.

shaker plantation shutters