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Roman Blinds

To make Roman blinds child safe the following now applies to all blinds we supply and fit. Roman blinds are controlled by a chain that needs to be installed with a safety device 1500mm from the floor. There is still a cord that runs behind the blind and this has connectors that will breakaway in the event of a child becoming trapped. In certain cases the control chain may be too high to reach in these cases we can use Battery or fully motorized systems.

When the blind is raised folds will appear in a sequence to give a decorative effect, If lowered the fabric is generally flat. Roman blinds in the raised position and fitted into a recess of a window will have what we call stack depth, in other words, you can expect a fifth of the blind drop to be covering the top of the window when the blind is fully raised. This will restrict light, so we often suggest fitting a Roman blind outside the recess. This does three things it keeps more light into the room, it can give a false looking height to the window or door and as it is outside the recess better coverage of the window can be achieved. We have a good collection of fabrics to choose from.