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Roller blinds

  • The most cost effective blind on the market
  • Available in Transparancies, Opaque and blackout fabrics
  • All our roller blinds have child safety built in
  • Controls available chain, battery or full motorisation
  • Option to have roller blind in a cassette
  • Scallop and turret finishes are another option

The Bloc Light blackout roller blind is capable of blocking light close to 100% and draughts thanks to the exceptional quality of its individual components. Each part, from the brush seals to the cassette holder and aluminium frames are designed to last. Block light blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit all environments.

Operation of the blind is through a spring system operated by the handle at the bottom of the blind. The blind simply pulls down through the side channels locking whenever the handle is released. The handle is then pushed in towards the window releasing the lock which enables the spring to retract the fabric. It complies fully with all relevant child safety standards and there are no cords used anywhere on this system.

Curtains trap hot air and prevent it circulating a room. This can lead to heat loss. the award-winning Block light blind creates an energy-efficient barrier that minimizes heat loss and leaves radiators free to heat a room faster.

Elaborate upholstered pelmets can also be made up to compliment you roller blind.

This image show the blinds reverse rolled which we do as standard. Reverse rolled means the fabric comes of the roller from the front; this hides the roller itself and also looks neater as all you see is the fabric. It also brings the fabric slightly forward which helps to clear handle obstructions.

reverse rolled

Also available are cassette boxes which the blind can roll up into. These boxes are made of aluminium and come in different colours. These boxes come with a sidewinder chain which will have child safe devices fitted. This image shows the box and the blind finished with clip rings.

The blind can be finished with a variety of scallop and turret shapes complimented by a braid or fringe trim. If a fabric cannot be found in any of our collection books we can process your own fabric and make up a laminated roller blind. A sample of fabric would be required to assess.

Elaborate upholstered pelmets can also be made up to compliment you roller blind.

cassette roller