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Blind motorisation

  •  90% of our blind range can be motorised via battery or mains
  •  Battery systems charge for 6 hours and last 6 to 9 months depending on use
  •  Remote controls or switches are all RTS which means radio signals are sent to the blind
  •  This means you could be in another room and it will still send its signal to the blind
  •  Multi-channel remotes allow us to programme blinds in groups or individually
  • We have timers, sun sensors which can all be incorporated into your layout
  • Fully motorised blinds use a transformer which reduces power down to 24volt
  • The blind has a motor and in most case, a receiver built into its headrail
  • We programme the blinds to suit your needs and will discuss all the options
  •  If you are at building stages always best to call us to discuss wiring layout before plastering
  • All our Awnings though are mains powered with no transformer controls are the same
  • Battery systems are great for retrofit as they need no wiring to be run-up to the blind
  • All our systems are powered by somfy
  • Hope these bullet points help any other questions give us a call