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Duette Honeycombe Blind

  • Watch our unique detailed video on this product just click play
  • Duette double pleated blinds in our opinion are the best fabric blind on the market
  • The unique honeycomb construction is based on double glazing technology
  • Keeps the heat out in the summer and in during the winter months
  • This highly energy efficient fabric also has strong acoustic and blackout qualities
  • Available in a wide range of colours and textures including Semi Opaque, Opaque and blackout
  • Pleat sizes come in 25mm, 32mm and 64mm and Architella which has 3 air gaps per cell
  • Duette is a multifunctional fabric and can be used on rectangular or shaped windows
  • The best product to use for conservatory roof and side window blinds
  • Also protects wood floors and furniture from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Fully motorised, Battery and a clever manual range of child safe controls


CONTROL OPTIONS (All child safe)


The Smartcord control is our most popular. It has been developed and introduced to the UK in line with new laws to make blinds child safe. To lower a blind you simply move the cord towards the middle of the blind and the blind will lower on its own. To raise the blind you pull the cord vertically up and down a few times and the blind will raise to the top. The magic part is that when you pull the cord it retracts back into the blind on each pull, so you never have a mountain of cord to deal with it always stays at the shorter length. Using this control we can make blinds 3000mm wide x 3000mm drop


The Literise system has no cords visible it is moved by hand using a handle which is placed at the bottom of the blind. It is a slower moving blind than the smartcord and does not have its range of sizes.

Hand control

We use this system mainly when we are fitting the blind into a reveal of a window frame such as on bi fold doors , UPVC windows and doors. The blind can fitted to operate bottom up or top down depending on whether you require low level privacy or sun protection. By fitting the blinds to doors it means you can just open the door and walk out as the blind goes with the door. This system also works on tilt and turn windows.


Cord and Lock

This control is the old system which can still be used. It’s a cord that will get longer when pulled and so we have to fit cleats to follow child safety code. Not used much nowadays but can save a bit on cost

Fully Motorised

Fully Motorised blinds are transformed down to 24 volt with the receiver and motor built into the headrail of the blind. They can be controlled via remote handset , switch or on a timer. Wiring running from the power supply to the blind location is required so if this has not been done during renovation or re decorating a way will need to be found to run this cable. Its best to speak to us before plastering or early on in any project so we can advise where the wires need to go.

Battery Motorisation

Battery can be retro fitted as there are no wires needed for power. The battery system uses the same controls as full motorisation and will generally run anything between 6 to 9 months on one charge. When the battery dies just charge for a few hours and its ready to run again for another 6 to 9 months. We have different types of remotes and transformers to run blinds in a group, in zones or as a single blind depending on the project.



Low level privacy blind

This blind works as a standard blind up and down but also has the ability to drop down from the top to any point giving you precise control of low level privacy and light. It also comes standard with the clever smartcord control

Night and Day blind

The blind consists of using two fabrics one normally a blackout the other a voile or translucent. The blind is made with one blind sitting on top of the other. The voile can sit at the top or bottom depending on requirements.

There are Smartcord controls each side of the blind. If we were to lower say the voile blind you can see through but still have privacy in the day. By moving to the other side of the blind operate the other cord and the blackout blind will lower on top of the voile giving you the night part of the blind blackout.

duet blind pleat