Wind sensor

The new generation of climate controls does away with mains power. It now consists of a small box of tricks that locates behind the front rail of the Awning and is not seen. It works on vibration when the Awning is out and the wind blows the front rail of the Awning will move when it reaches a movement level we set a signal is sent to the motor to bring the Awning in. This limit can be tweaked to be less or more sensitive. This is a safety device in case you were out and the Awning was out in dangerous conditions.

Sun sensor solar powered

The Sun Sensor can be used in tandem with the wind sensor to give you total climate control. This is a device that fixes to the wall or fence in a sunny spot. When it reaches the preset light level it will instruct the motor on the awning to operate. This small circular device is solar-powered and is set to measure the light (LUX) measurement through its sensor window. Its clever technology means it has a delay before it will operate, so in the case of the sun going in and out, it will wait until the sun stays out before it will operate. Using the sun sensor and wind sensor together means you do not need to touch the controls at all as the sensors look after it all. For security, if you were away on holiday the Awning will operate when it’s sunny and retract when it’s cloudy making it seem someone is at home. Unlike the wind sensor, the sun sensor can be turned off at any time via the remote control.