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Bloc Lite Blackout Blind

The Bloc Lite blackout blind is capable of blocking light close to 100% and draughts thanks to the exceptional quality of its individual components. Each part, from the brush seals to the cassette holder and aluminium frames are designed to last. Block light blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit all environments.
The operation of the blind is through a spring system operated by the handle at the bottom of the blind. The blind simply pulls down through the side channels locking whenever the handle is released. The handle is then pushed in towards the window releasing the lock which enables the spring to retract the fabric. It complies fully with all relevant child safety standards and there are no cords used anywhere on this system.
Curtains trap hot air and prevent it circulating a room. This can lead to heat loss. the award-winning Block light blind creates an energy-efficient barrier that minimizes heat loss and leaves radiators free to heat a room faster.

Duette Blackout blinds

Duette double pleated blinds are our best selling fabric blind and when used with blackout material gives good blackout together with thermal and Acoustic qualities. The tolerance we take of the width to clear wall is minimal so only a small portion of light can get through. If you are looking for near total blackout though the Bloc Lite blind above will give you that. For more information on the Duette watch our video in the Duette section.
Available with manual or motorised controls

Blackout Roller Blinds

This type of blind will be the most cost effective and will do a job however you will need to manage your expectations of the product as there will be gaps at the side and at the top which will let a degree of light through.
If you just want to block light face on then this will work for you.
Available with manual or motorised controls

Blackout Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have had a tough time with the introduction of child safe laws. They are now manufactured with breakaway connections at the back of the blind and chain breakaways on the control chain.
They are quite a decent blackout product when fitted outside a recess, if fitted inside a recess the stack of the blind will restrict light during the day so some thought needs to be given to that.
Available with manual or motorised controls


  • For complete blackout the Bloc Lite system is the answer
  • For a cost effective option Roller blinds
  • For good blackout, thermal and acoustic qualities its Duette
  • For a dressed look on the windows outside recess Roman blinds