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  • Our Awnings are all guaranteed for 5 years
  • Manual or motorised option available
  • Wide range of fabrics to select from
  • Max sizes 5500mm long x 3100mm projection
  • Wind and Sun climate controls, LED lights and Heaters are all optional extras
  • We fit all our own Awning personally so you deal with us for the whole journey
  • All types of specialist brackets for every situation see images below

Luxaflex Formosa and Formosa Max Awning Systems

The Luxaflex Formosa Fully Cassetted Awning is our most popular model it will go to 6000mm wide up 3000mm projection of the wall which gives you a floor coverage of 18 square meters. To explain the term Fully Cassetted, Awnings have arms that support the fabric and give strength to the Awning when it is extended. The Formosa system is fully cassetted, this means that the fabric and the arms all go back into a cassette box when the awning is retracted to give total weather protection all year round. The aluminium rails come in 6 standard colours but we can powdercoat to any RAL colour if required. The Formosa range comes motorised only. The Formosa Max comes with an optional  front valance which is also motorised and can be made to a depth of 900mm see image A  below.

Formosa Awning
Image A  (optional front valance motorised)

Luxaflex Monobloc Awning System

The Luxaflex Monobloc square bar Awning is a more cost effective alternative to the fully cassetted version. It is not cassetted in any way so it is open to the elements. A hood can be fixed above the Awning  to help with weather protection if required. The sizes achievable using the Monobloc Awning are 6000mm wide x 3000mm projection of the wall giving you coverage of around 18 square meters. It can be Crank control  or fully motorised.


Monobloc Awning

Wind Vibration sensor

The new generation of climate controls does away with mains power. It now consists of a small box of tricks that locates behind the front rail of the Awning and is not seen. It works on vibration when the Awning is out and the wind blows the front rail of the Awning will move when it reaches a movement level we set a signal is sent to the motor to bring the Awning in. This limit can be tweaked to be less or more sensitive. This is a safety device in case you were out and the Awning was out in windy conditions. The device is powered by a small watch battery and will last for quite a few years.

Vibration Wind Sensor

Solar Sun Sensor

The Sun Sensor can be used in tandem with the wind sensor to give you total climate control. This is a device that fixes to the wall or fence in a sunny spot. When it reaches the preset light level it will send a signal to the motor and operate the Awning. This small circular device is solar-powered and is set to measure the light (LUX) measurement through its sensor window. Its clever technology means it has a delay before it will operate, so in the case of the sun going in and out, it will wait until the sun stays out or goes in before it will operate. Using the sun sensor and wind sensor together means you do not need to touch the controls at all as the sensors look after it all. For security, if you were away on holiday the Awning will operate when it’s sunny and retract when it’s cloudy making it seem someone is at home. Unlike the wind sensor, the sun sensor can be turned off at any time via the remote control.

Sun sensor


LED Lights

Our Awnings can have LED lights fitted to the arms and front rail. These are controlled using the same remote control that operates the Awning.

Led lights on arms
LED lights on arms and front rail


Bungalow Brackets

When we survey for an Awning and find there is plenty of wall space above the window we can generally use our standard brackets. On bungalows or flat roof extensions or any area with a small amount of wall space above the window we need to use Spreader plates or Bungalow brackets as they are sometimes called. This bracket allows us to fit lower down the wall to achieve a strong fixing. ( Please note all of the brackets below are not sold seperately they are only available for our systems)


Bungalow brackets or Spreader plates


Gutter Brackets

If a door or window opens outwards and there is hardly any wall space above the window it makes it impossible to install an Awning as it will foul and stop the doors opening. For this we use a gutter bracket as seen in image.
The gutter bracket fixes low down the wall for strength similar to the bungalow bracket above, it then projects out and up to clear guttering or suchlike. This will clear any door opening and will allow us to adjust the angle of the Awning down to the desired position.

awning gutter bracket
Gutter Bracket


Pipe Brackets

We have another bracket which will extend the Awning forward called a pipe bracket. This bracket can be used to clear obstacles such as downpipes and other obstructions. All these types of brackets are custom made to your requirements and we discuss this with you on any consultation. Basically though we can generally make anything that is required on the bracket front.

Pipe Bracket



Rawbolts are used as standard by many Awning suppliers. We chemical fix all our Awnings because once the resin used sets it is harder than the brick itself. Rawbolts expand the brick when tightened and can show surface cracking in the brickwork, chemical does not expand at all and will also fill any gaps inside the frog of the brick thus making it a much firmer and safer fixing.


This brackets is chemically fixed