Awning motorisation

  • Motorisation of Awnings is the most popular control choice for our customers.
  • The motors and controls are powered by somfy renowned for their automotive systems
  • You have a choice of switch or remote controls with as many channels as required
  • The system is RTS which means Radio Technology Somfy
  • RTS means you do not have to be in line of sight you can still control from another location in your home
  • We can programme as many Awnings as required onto one remote with group or individual control
  • We can also programme in sun sensor and lights to the same remote control
  • The Motor is concealed inside the awning barrel and not visible
  • We will discuss with you where we will run the cable for power
  • All motors come with a 5 year guarantee

Awning Manual control

  • A winding handle to the left or right is attached to the end of the Awning to retract or open
  • We do not advice this for people who suffer with arm or wrist issues as it can be quite a work out
  • Will save on cost and you get fit at the same time
  • Not suitable for larger Awnings